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Pink Panther Hopkinsville, KY
My name is Stefanie Hasert. My husband Jason and I publish The Toy Tractor Times. I grew up on my great grandparents farms and have always liked farming. When I met Jason I learned about farm toy collecting. Our friend John Esche made a 1/32 Steiger Pink Panther for me as a wedding gift. The Pink Panther was my first toy tractor. Yes it was a real tractor made by Steiger.
Age: 41
Favorite Farm Toy: Pink Panther
Hobbies: Farm Tiy Collecting
Hometown: Hopkinsville, KY

Recent Toy Talk Posts
The demise has come.... · January 6, 2012
When I saw the POD Squad they did not have numbers painted on the machines in that style.
Prairie Monster's · November 25, 2011
Great blue tillage monster team.  Here is my favorite Prairie Monster.
Seven Springs Farms wheat harvest 2010 · August 5, 2010
Here are some pictures Matt took of SSF during wheat harvest and sent in. SSF runs five 9770STS and a 9400 for test plots. They are little differnt for the area as
Chrome G-1355's · July 26, 2010
I wanted to share pictures of the chrome G-1355's. There are two this year. 2010 marked the 25th tractor in the Toy Tractor Times Anniversary Series. The Nebras
New tractor at Kholman Farms · July 12, 2010
[quote:="86ihseriesfan"]Can't wait to find out want the TTT show tractor going to be. That should be introduce in November right Jason?[/quote] It should be ne
1:30 am pea picking · July 9, 2010
The POD Squad just pulled in across the street to harvest.
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My Blog
A new tractor in my collection. Purple Oliver
I have added a second tractor to my collection. My new tractor is a 1/16 Purple Oliver 1850 made for the 2007 Louisville Farm Show. Only 150 purple Olivers were made for the show. It is a great ma ...

Was the Pink Panther Real?
The Pink Panther was a real tractor. A farmer ordered a Steiger Panther III for his wife in pink. The pink color and Steiger Panther name were a perfect combination. Steiger used the color and name ...